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Nepal is a world class destination for trekking, excursions and cultural immersion.  Finding the right company to help you explore our country is critical to your successful trip.  Shiva Excursion is a Nepalese owned company with staff who have more than 20 years of experience in the field of tourism.  The company formed after the 2015 earthquake with the intent to provide clients with a safe and profound experience while supporting the families of guides, porters, and villagers impacted by the devastating quake.  We urge you to choose Shiva Excursion because we will care for you like family and offer a genuine, individualized experience. We will meet your needs whether it is for adventure and climbing some of the world’s highest peaks, trekking to popular and/or remote places, bringing a group of friends on a world class trek, or safely exploring the country with your family.   We are connected to communities, expert in reading climatic conditions and routes, and we value our clients.  We offer competitive prices for all of the popular trekking routes (Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp, Langtang) as well as great deals on less known but equally spectacular treks and experiences.  We also offer excursions to Nepal’s famous national parks, city tours, and trips to Bhutan and Tibet.  Our staff are insured, well-equipped, and treated with respect, and all are specialists and well trained in their fields.    From your first contact with our organization to the end of your journey, you will receive excellent service while... Read More »

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