Best Trekking Season

Trekking in Nepal can be done anytime of the year. Some regions cannot be accessed during winter or rainy seasons, but there are always amazing places to visit and trek year round.  The best seasons for maximum access tend to be our autumn (September – mid December) and spring (March – mid May). During these periods, the weather is neither very cold nor hot and rain is modest. Mountain views are generally crystal clear.  These times of year are also best for peak expeditions and mountain climbing.

Trekking by Seasons

Autumn (September to early December)

Autumn season (September, October, November and the first part of December) is perfect for trekking in Nepal.  The weather is excellent and trekkers are treated to tantalizing mountain views. The temperature is moderate and, generally, any region of Nepal can be accessed. Occasionally, there may be short snow storms at high altitudes.

Winter (mid December to February)

Generally, during mid December to February, days become clear and, in some regions, cold.  While higher elevation regions such as those in the Everest, Manasulu, Upper Mustang, and some areas in Annurpurna are not accessible for trekking, many areas offer marvelous trekking experiences such as Lower Mustang, Langtang, some areas in the Everest and Annurpurna ranges, and the fantastic national parks in the lower elevations.  Village tours in the Kathmandu Valley and other areas can offer rich experiences as well.

Spring (March-May)

Spring is also a perfect trekking time in Nepal. It is the best time to do peak climbing and expeditions in the higher Himalayas.  Wild flowers are in full bloom, including the magnificent giant rhododendrons.  Trekkers experience mildly warm temperatures at lower elevations and moderate temperatures at higher elevations over 4000m (13,123 feet). Panoramic views are amazing during this time of the year.

Summer (June-August)

Summer is the wet (monsoon) season in Nepal, and the frequent, heavy rains can cause challenges in several areas making them unsuitable for most trekkers.  However, there are ideal treks that can be accessed in lower elevations (Upper Mustang, Dolpo region, etc.).  Tibet can offer a great opportunity for tours and trekking during the summer as well.