Flight delays and cancellation

Flight delays and cancellation in Nepal

The main reason of flight delays and cancellations in Nepal is the undistributed climatic variability in high land of Himalaya. Adverse climatic condition like high winds, blinding fog and heavy rain are the main reason to arise delay in flight. This May occur even cancellation of flight. Mostly there will be more flight cancellation and delay in rainy and winter season. Tribhuwan International Airport has very lack instrumental landing system for the domestic flights. This is the main reason for flights delay and cancellation. The weather become very adverse conditions so flight are cancelled by considering the safety to our air passengers.

Generally, mid of January to end of February is regarded as very bad time to perform domestic air carriers in Nepal. This time have many cases of flight delays. Some times more often even the flights are cancelled. Monsoon flights are also not 100% guaranteed of flight. It is because of heavy rain. This lead to have flight delay and even cancellation, In spring and summer season there is no any delay and cancellation of flight. The flights take off and land in their exact time. In this time there is no any flight delays and cancellation except only in very rare cases.

Flight delays and cancellation is main reason to create trouble in the field of tourism. Tourist coming in Nepal mostly gets disheartened because of the flight delays and cancellation. This deteriorates their planned schedule and shifts their program in very busy schedule. Flights to Pokhara, Chitwan and other many main cities of touristic places can be operated by the road transport in case of flight delay or cancellation. But flight of Lukla (the only gateway to the Everest), jomsom and much high land of Himalaya can cause a huge problem. Lukla airport itself is located in dramatic mountain location. While taking off and landing the flights in foggy or cloudy weather will be very dangerous. This may cause accident also. So this is very dangerous.

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