13 Days Kailas Mansarovar overland tour


The Kailas Manasarovar overland tour is an excursion to the very
remote far western corner of the Tibetan Plateau.  It is a very
popular tour to one of the most revered holy sites in the world, Mt.
Kailas.  The tour begins with a short drive from Nepal across the
Tibetan border to Nyalam Town.  From there, the tour traverses several
high altitude passes and goes through several Tibetan villages such as
Peiku Tso, Mayum La, Dira Puk, Zutul Puk, and Darchen.  We will stay
in some of these villages overnight affording the opportunities to see
many aspects of the Tibetan culture, including art, literature,
language, and religion.  While most of the tour consists of riding in
a vehicle and enjoying the spectacular scenery, there are also a
couple of short treks included.  Lake Mansarovar is the culminating
destination and is located below Mt. Kailas.  The area is a very
important religious site for both Hindu and Buddhist pilgrims.
Getting a visa for Tibet can be quite challenging.  We will manage all
of the needed documents and arrange for the best drivers and guides.
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Brief Itinerarys

Day 01: Drive from Kathmandu to Nyalam 3300m

Day 02: Drive from Nyalam to Peiku Tso

Day 03: Drive from Peiku Tso to Zhongba

Day 04: Drive from Zhogba below the Mayum La

Day 05: Drive from Mayum La to Manasarovar 4560m

Day 06: Circle around Manasarovar and reach Tarchen

Day 07: Drive from Tarchen to Tarboche 4750m, start trek to Dira-puk

Day 08: Trek from Dira-Puk to Zutul-Puk 4790m

Day 09: Trek from Zutul – Puk to Darchen 4560m, on to Hor.

Day 10: Drive to Paryang[4750m

Day 11: Drive to Saga 4600m

Day 12: Drive to Nyalam 3300m

Day 13: Drive to Zhangmu cross border, drive to Kathmandu 1400m

Day 01: Kathmandu to Nyalam 3300m

We start our adventure overland trip with early morning drive to Tibetan border. Having a good experience of beautiful Nepalese countryside, we walk to our destination. Completing all necessary paper work at border with scenic we drive to Zhangmu. We again follow road up to Nyalam for our night.

Day 02: Drive to Peiku-Tso

Having a delicious breakfast, we continue our drive to Peiku-tso Lake. We will drive along valley. We will cross two high pass. The track is difficult. But we should not walk, it will be full driving. In this journey we encounter much beautiful scenery. In this way we will reach Peiku-Tso for our night.

Day 03: Drive to Zhongba

First of all we will leave Peiku-Tso. We will drive through Friendship highway. Tempting views of Himalayan range is unbelievable. Then we will be at Zhongba. Spending little time we can explore amazing Tibetan culture as we can see Zhongba. Finishing all about it we will return back to spend our night.

Day 04: Drive to Below Mayun-La

Early morning we will continue our drive to below Mayun-La. Our today’s drive will encounter some of best breathtaking scenery in our entire journey. Passing Paryang, we will cross several rivers before we reach our camp. Reaching on below Mayun-La, we will spend night at Local guesthouse or Camping is also possible.

Day 05: Drive to Manasarovar 4060m

Today is main day our whole tour. Our today’s destination is Lake Manasarovar. It is very beautiful. We will have an awe-inspiring experience in our today’s drive. On reaching Lake Manasarovar, we will have visit around Lake Manasarovar in our remaining time and return back to our place for night.

Day 06: Jeep tour around Lake Manasarovar

Our whole day is spending by driving around the valley of Lake Manasarovar. It will be a very easy drive. We can enjoy magic of this holy site. We will meet with local pilgrims & visit beautiful Chiu Monastery. Mt. Kailash looms in very close distance. Taking a short break at Chiu Gompa, we continue drive to Base Camp of Mt. Kailash, Tarchen.

Day 07: Drive to Traboche 4750m, Start trek to Dira-Puk

With a short drive of 35 km we will reach Tarboche. It will start our religious 53 km trek to Mt. Kailash. We will trek to Dirapuk. We will walk through lush green meadows & babbling mountain streams. Enticing waterfalls & steep cliffs surround us. It will be very interesting in spending our night.

Day 08: Trek to Zutul-Puk 4790m

Having a delicious breakfast we will trek through Drolma Chu Valley. We will climb on prayer flag laden Drolma La pass. Downhill to Zutul-puk, with a glorious view of alluring Mountain Lake in short distance will be very interesting. Thukpe Dzingbu Lake is known as Lake of Compassion.

Day 09: Trek to Darchen 4560m, on to Hor

Our today’s trek will finish our kora of Lake Manasarovar. Several stream & splendid gorges will surround us from all side. Today we will have ravishing views of Mt. Kailash. It will be abundant for us. We will meet our jeeps and drive back to Darchen (east side of Lake Mansarovar) to spend our night.

Day 10: Drive to Paryang 4750m

It will be a long drive. Having a delicious breakfast, we leave Darchen and drive to Paryang in early morning. It is not a wasted day. We will have best scenery on our trip. This section is memorable for our whole night. We will relax & enjoy unparalleled beauty of drive to Paryang for our night.

Day 11: Drive to Saga 4600m

It is our returning journey after finishing a short tour. Today as we head to Saga. We will take in sights of small dusty towns along the way. It will be a bit rough for us. But the ending of tour will offer us beautiful scenery all around us.  

Day 12: Drive to Nyalam 3600m

Our today’s drive is last drive for our tour. We drive to Nualam. It goes from other side of Brahmaputra River. Today we will cross Yarlung Tsangpo by ferry once more. We will have last chance to soak the beauty of Peiku-tso before we return back to Nyalam. Spending few times we drive to Nyalam.

Day 13 Drive to Kathmandu 1400m

It is our last day on the land of Tibet. We will leave Nyalam and move forward to border of Nepal. Friendship Bridge situated at Border of Tibet and Nepal will be our ending point. It is the time of saying good bye to your guide and staff.  Now you will pare down to Nepal side. Our Nepalese staff will meet you at immigration Control in Kodari. Then you will return back to Kathmandu.

Manual Note :

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