About Nepal

Nepal is the most famous Himalayan country, landlocked by the Peoples’ Republic of China and India. Nepal is a relatively small country (147,181 sq km or 56,827 sq mi) with a population of 30 million citizens, many of whom speak different languages, have different religions, and all of whom have unique vibrant cultures.  While most people come to Nepal for the trekking, much return because of the people, the incredible environments, and the wonderful cuisine.  Come to visit one of the four world heritage sites in our country, supported by Shiva Excursion, a company that will meet all of your touring and Nepal trekking needs.  We offer individualized packages as well as treks to the country’s most popular sites such as Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Circuit, and the Langtang Valley.  Contact us today for the most competitive pricing and for a customized package that will uniquely suit you. thank

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    Trekking and Hiking in Nepal

    Nepal is mostly known for Trekkers’ Paradise on Earth. For trekking hundreds of thousands adventure aspirants visit Nepal. Nepal offers best trekking trial of world. It offers you natural beauty, hard-core peak, unique trekking destination, wonderful cultural heritages and incredible biodiversity. Trekking on the land of Nepal will be amazing and exciting experience. View Details

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    Package Tour in Nepal

    Nepal is eccentric paradise in context of high Himalayan glacier, religious & cultural heritages with jungle safari and wildlife view. In its northern part we can see only huge Himalayas. All over world Nepal is famous for Land of Himalaya. In top 10 lists of highest mountains of world, Nepal contributes of 8 mountains including Mt Everest (8848 m) world’s highest mountains. Many pilgrimages of Hindus & Buddhist.  View Details

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    Peak Climbing in Nepal

    Nepal is homed for more than 5000 giant peaks. . In them only very less peaks are choose for climb. And many are not even permitted. It is included in the name of adventurous activity. We have experience of walking in most technically & challenging route. Our main obstacles during our climb are difficult route, glaciers, Rocky Mountains, ice rigid. All the mountains are located at high altitude. View Details

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