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Do you crave exotic flavors and want to learn how to cook Nepalese food back home?  Our cooking classes offer an opportunity to learn how to cook authentic Nepali foods. During our treks, we realized that many travelers who come to Nepal enjoy the dishes they are served, such as Dal Bhat (rice/lentil/curry) and want to prepare the same foods when they are back in their country.  Consequently, Shiva Excursion offers the opportunity to learn cooking skills during your visit and will fit this opportunity into your activity schedule while in Kathmandu.  The training will be done by a professional Chef.

There are two options for our authentic Nepali cuisine cooking class. In both, you will learn various dishes, methods of cooking and the use of spices. The first option is a half day training ( three hours) during which delicious Dal Bhat items are prepared and consumed!The second option is a one week class during which you will have the opportunity to learn methods and ingredients of cooking Indian and continental cuisines. If interested in either of these options, you must notify us early during your visit to Kathmandu. The class will be held just on the outskirts of Thamel in Kathmandu.

Note: Please be aware that we provide only the opportunity to learn how to cook authentic Nepali food. Accommodations, travel, etc. are not included unless you notify us that you want us to make these arrangements for you.

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