Best Trekking Season in Nepal

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Nepal is one of the small countries of the world which is located in the Southern part of Asia. Trekking in Nepal is one of the great opportunities to see the wonderful views of the natural scenery and in Nepal, trekking can be undertaken throughout the year. There is another best season of trekking Nepal after winter when the sun getting warmer in springtime. Many trekkers to the Himalayas can again enjoy comfortable climate conditions. Trekking is also a very good way to get you acquainted with the lifestyle, the traditions, the rituals, and the culture. Trekking in Nepal perhaps one of the most famous activities to do and Nepal offers a wide variety of trekking trails. Mainly, there are four perfect seasons for trekking in Nepal which are as follow:

  • Autumn season
  • Spring season
  • Winter season
  • Monsoon season

Autumn season

This is the most preferred season when the weather is stable, dry, and clear and the sky is clear and you will be blessed with the best views of the mountains ever. At this season, treks in Nepal offer excellent weather and exciting mountain views. It is one of the best seasons for trekking just because it is packed with everything.

Spring season

It is also considered the best season to do trekking and Pountain climbing. The flower blossoms and the environment are lush, beautiful, and colorful which makes the atmosphere vibrant. During the time of trekking in this season, we will have an opportunity to see the wonderful views of the forest with the full covered with rhododendron.

Winter season

This season is the second less tourist time of the year for trekking in Nepal. Usually snowfall in the mountains above the higher elevation a bit risk of winds and colder temperatures. There is a traditional concept that people are less encouraged to trek during these months and during this season mountain peaks and more visible and the days and longer in the Himalayas. We need to be selective in choosing a high pass trip that won’t be an ideal option.

Monsoon season

This season lies in the month of June, July, and August which involves monsoon with heavy rainfall which makes trekking conditions unfavorable. During this season, we will recommend you to carry a raincoat and an umbrella. And we will have no chance to see the wonderful views of the mountain and landscapes just because of rain everywhere.

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