Why you need professional guide during your trip?

Professional guide

Before book any tours and trekking, we will check the prices of various company and guide. Different company and guide have different prices. So, what do you think the main reason for various prices? The first thing is the quality of service. Every organization needs a profit to run. Nobody will operate the trip if there will be a loss. That’s why if you pay better than only you will get better service. The second thing is the quality of the guide. How professional and experience the guide will make your cost difference. The professional guides charge his wages high whereas the nonprofessional and new guides might be ready to work for a minimum salary.

This blog is about the importance of bringing a professional guide with you. These are the reason to bring the professional guide with you.

  • Decision-making ability:

The first thing about the professional guide is a decision-making ability. During the tours and trekking, the guides have to take various decision. Only the professional guides can take right decisions which suit the clients. The decision could be in case of emergency, change in normal plan, conflict, misunderstanding, and etc.

  • Fact knowledge about nature, history, mountains, tea houses, culture and many more:

Whenever and wherever we will travel, we want to know about the places we are traveling. If we are trekking we have many things to see, learn, and experience. A professional guide can help you to learn and experience about the things during the trek. An experienced guide has good knowledge about mountains, its name, height, and the story behind it. He/she will be able to teach you the history of the country, the place you are traveling, mountains, and etc. The different lifestyle and traditions will attract every people. The good guide can make sure to experience all those things. The important part during the trekking is teahouse. We will be tired of trekking for the whole day. So we need a comfortable bed to take the rest and sleep. Otherwise, we can’t continue our trek the next day. Professional guides can book the tea houses earlier than you reach. He will know the food, bed, and behavior of the teahouses you are staying.

  • The behavior of guide:

Only the knowledge and experience doesn’t make a guide professional. There are many things come together to be a professional guide.  Another important quality required for a good guide is the voice. If the guide doesn’t know about the situation and keep speaking loudly and unnecessarily, it will bother the clients. Another thing is the way of presentation. How the guide is presenting and describing the things around the clients make a huge impact. If he/she couldn’t present well than even it is important and meaningful clients don’t want to listen. Communication skill of guide will make huge differences during the travel. In case of conflict, there will be an argument with the normal guide. In the same situation, the professional guide converts the situation to the discussion rather than argument.


  • Attention to customer need:

A professional guide should always aware of the customer need even customers are not telling. Most of the guides only think about their comfort rather than customer need. A professional guide can take good care of your need, safety, comfort, and health.

It is always good to bring the professional guide with you. You don’t have to regret them. Contact Shiva Excursion Pvt. Ltd for a professional guide in Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan.