Nepal – A General Overview

Nepal – A General Overview

Nepal………a country that has captured our hearts.  Of the 50+ countries we have visited in the past seven years, it is the only one to which we have returned.  There is just something about this place……


Nepal has it all —– spectacular, majestic mountains; vast, arid grasslands; and diverse, coniferous and hardwood forests.  The lowlands of the Terai in the south stretch into the hills of the Pahad and then farther north to the peaks of the Himal containing the highest mountains in the world. As travelers, it is some of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring scenery we have ever encountered.


Along with its various ecosystems, Nepal has a mixture of cultures that range from indigenous Nepalese to Indo-Aryan and Tibeto-Mongolian.  The rich cultural experiences in this remote country are not to be missed!  Most of the population practices the Hindu religion while a much smaller portion is Buddhist.  A combination of the two religions is common among the populace.  The people of Nepal are warm, welcoming, and friendly and invest serious time and effort in traditional observations and celebrations, most of which are religious in nature.  Family is very important and, often, family members of multiple generations reside in the same house.

Generally, Nepalese food is very good, and we have spent many hours enjoying the unique flavors in the various regions we have visited. Tastes are heavily influenced by border countries such as China, Tibet, and India, and consequently, spices are common.  If the country had a national food, it would be Dal Bhat, a rice and lentil dish that is both tasty and nutritious. Momos, the Nepalese version of dumplings, are another tasty treat and can be filled with either meat or vegetables.  Chupka, a thick noodle soup, is popular, as is roti, an unleavened bread.  Most of the produce is locally grown, resulting in a variety of very tasty vegetables and fruits.


There is so much more to discover in and about this wonderful and unique country.  Make plans today to experience all Nepal has to offer.  You will never regret a decision to explore this place that will forever be a part of you after leaving!

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