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Shiva Excursion is the best platform to work with mutual partnership benefits regarding the travel and trekking business in Nepal. We are open to the travel business partnership for any individual or agent around the world. Individuals and agents of travel, trekking, safari companies, cultural tour organizers, volunteer agencies, and tour trekking leaders are welcome for the collaborative journey with the team of Shiva Excursion.

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Why Partner with us?

Professional Team

We believe in teamwork and are dedicated to offering our best services without any compromise. We have a quick responding communication team, office staffing, and field operation team.

Best Customized Treks

All our trips are customer friendly. We customize the trekking and tour itinerary as per the requirements of the clients along with our fixed departure trips.

Qualified and Experienced Guides

All our trekking packages in the Himalayas are led by our professional and highly experienced guides along with the supporting team of porters. Guides are well trained about the routes, safety and security, first aid, and eco-friendly behaviors.

Safety First

Shiva Excursion gives priority to the safety of our guests. For this, our team emphasizes acclimatization, various ways to stop altitude sickness, using first aid tools, and gives enough information about the trails and their challenges.

Partners’ Rates

In all the trekking, tours, and holiday activities, we offer special rates for our partners, which will give benefit in mutual understanding and corporate collaborations. We have good networks with local airlines, hotels, transports, and safari companies. Why delay to collaborate with us?

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