Annapurna base camp with my friends and it was incredible


Ms. Jessica Kwon

United States of America (the), California

I went on a ten day trek to Annapurna base camp with my friends and it was incredible. Arjun, Sudip, and our sherpas made the trek an experience we’ll never forget. We went during monsoon season in July, which is also another reason why it was so special. Even with all the rain and clouds, the sky would clear up for us at some point every day. Our trekking crew showed incredible strength with how much they carried on their backs and the positive, uplifting attitude they had the whole way. There service was amazing and the organization of the trek was on point. We didn’t have to worry about a thing. I really recommend this trekking company for your next adventure. I gained a trip of a lifetime and met the the greatest people I’ll always have the pleasure of calling my friends.