Why with Us?

Years of Experience
The Shiva Excursion team has almost 2 decades of experience leading
trekkers in the Himalayan region in Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet. We are
intimately familiar with our region with optimum expertise for not
only the typical destinations (E.g. Everest Base Camp, Annapurna,
Langtang) but also new routes.  We have also created our own special
trekking experiences in places unknown to most companies and tourists.
Our experience also allows us to ensure your safety if unforeseen
issues emerge.
Responsible Tourism
Shiva Excursion organizes and believes in responsible tourism.  We
leave only footprints as we trek, preserving the ecological integrity
of the land. We are dedicated to improving the environment and
respecting local culture and customs. We have been providing money and
labor toward helping local communities for school and other social
projects, and we invite you to join us in these endeavors.

Professional and experienced guides
We are a team of highly experienced trekking and tour guides who are
dedicated in our duties and responsibilities.  Our guides are
knowledgeable about the cultures, geography, trails, challenges, and
different aspects of each trek and tour. To become a Shiva Excursion
guide, our employees must be certified and have education in
environmentally responsible trekking, hazards, basic first aid,
geology, flora and fauna of the areas, and a keen understanding of
cultural differences and traditions.  Guides also have basic climbing
training.  For peak climbing, we hire guides with licenses for
advanced expertise.
Competitive Prices
We always offer competitive prices for trips we organize.  We are
always dedicated to offering the included services and fees mentioned
on our website.  We encourage you to be cautious of companies that
appear to have lower prices.  A common challenge is that they do not
include some nights’ lodging or transportation costs and may not
provide their employees insurance and proper gear.  Ensure when you
compare prices that you pay attention to these details.

Special Discounts
We offer special discounts each season.  Please see our Facebook page
and website for the best discounts at the time of your booking.
Discounts expire so book soon!

Authorized Local Operator
Shiva Excursion is a locally owned, government authorized trekking
company in Nepal. We are connected with different tourism
organizations such as NTB (Nepal Tourism Board), TAAN (Trekking
Agencies Association of Nepal), NMA (Nepal Mountaineering Association)
and other sister organizations.  We encourage you to choose licensed
tour operators for your safety and financial assurances and we feel we
are one of the best companies in the business for both.

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