Mount Everest Empties as COVID 19 Strikes Tourism in Nepal


When COVID-19 shocked the entire globe with fear and locked the travelers inside their home, the crown of the Himalayas, Everest region faced an unexpected result of emptying the region with the trekkers and climbers. Mount Everest witnessed a blow after the plunge in the number of travelers at the surface level for the first time in history. It is a record break after the mountain pioneers Hillary and Tenzing Norgay explored the virgin trail to Everest base camp and succeeded the expedition of the world’s tallest peak.

Unlike this crazy scenario, Everest tourism used to hit a high record with the employment opportunity, collection of the huge economy, and promote the magnificent Himalayan range throughout the world. The adventure lovers do not feel quenched until they conquer the EBC trekking trail once in their lifetime. So, how is it now, especially in the aftermath of coronavirus (COVID 19)?

With the rapid spread of covid 19, the Nepal government decided to close its borders and stopped all types of flights. The holistic approach to travel and social scenario changed and the country faced crazy lockdown conditions continuously. As tourism fell to the surface, the Everest region could not be exceptional. Once the trail to Everest base camp used to give an impression of Disneyland, and eventually, it slept in tranquility, leaving thousands of unemployed people, affecting millions of those who depend on tourism. A long silence prevailed in the Everest region.

My team would be extremely busy handling trekking groups in the Everest region along with pick up and drop in Kathmandu. It would be like festival seasons in spring and autumn, however, this year we just kept ourselves busy in uploading pictures and creating blogs, says Sudip who works in Shiva Excursion as manager. But, we are so hopeful with the upcoming seasons that will take our stress away, he adds. Everest region after all is a magnet that pulls adventure seekers with a great dream to hike through the Sherpa valley, Sagarmatha National Park, and fulfill their dream to explore the tallest peak in the world-Mount Everest.



Hotels, lodges, restaurants, trekking gear shops, trekking agencies, guides, and porters along with mountaineering organizers faced huge wreckage in Nepal due to the effect of COVID-19. Still, various companies and service providers that are dependent on tourism are struggling to come over the chaos and confusion.

I have been running this lodge for the last ten years, but I had not seen this type of emptiness in the Everest region, an owner of a lodge in Dingboche shares his information that has been staying in Kathmandu since April. Our busy hands and energy had to stay passive and silent. Hope we can be active again serving our clients, he says.

Thousands of porters and guides who have been leading trekkers in the Everest region became jobless. They had to move to their village and support their parents in agriculture and other professions. It was for a short time because they were waiting for a good time to come back to their work, but it remained silenced for a long time. It is the same thing for those who work in restaurants, hotels, and other service-providing centers.

So what next? The answer might vary based on the individuals and institutions based on the spread rate of COVID-19 and vaccines developed in different countries. However, we have a hopeful and different idea of making trekking in the Everest region exclusively magnificent.


As the effect of COVID-19, Everest trekking routes have become amazingly beautiful that seem to be virgin trails. Everest Base Camp Trekking, Gokyo Lake Trekking, Everest Three Pass Trekking, Pikey Peak Base Camp Trek, and other numerous trekking trails with amazing sceneries are waiting for the trekkers. The routes have become peaceful, clean and out of the bustling crowds.

The empty trails in the Khumbu region, lodges, restaurants, and transportation providers are ready now. With the vaccines, the rays of hope have raised that can flourish tourism again in the Khumbu region. The beauties of the Khumbu region are there, warm welcoming Sherpa people with their unique cultural prosperities are there, the diversities of flora and fauna in the Sagarmatha National Park are there. Just we need is a safe trip to the Everest Himalayas.

Safe trekking in the Everest region can be done after you follow the procedures of the Nepal government and using the safety measures. Your negative PCR report, using sanitizers and mask along with the COVID insurance of 5000 USD allows trekking in Nepal, so does the Everest region.

For the professional arrangement of trekking in Everest with experienced guides and porters, Shiva Excursion takes care of all the management in your next adventure trekking in the Everest region (Khumbu region) of Nepal, including transportation and accommodation.