Safety and Insurance

Your safety and a positive, memorable experience are our priorities.  We are not focused on high profits; rather, we focus on helping you fulfill your dream trip in Nepal.  We have significant experience with the unexpected circumstances that may impact your trip (e.g. flight delays, accidents, mountain sickness, government restrictions, landslides, road blockages, floods, etc.) and strive to reduce and alleviate any challenges that may arise.

Trekking is a strenuous activity, and you will often be quite distant from immediate medical assistance.  We urge you to visit your doctor for a check-up prior to embarking on your trip.  We also urge you to buy travel insurance from a reputable company and to provide us with a copy of your insurance policy prior to your trek departure. We recommend companies such as World Nomads, One Cover, etc.

Our staff are experienced are fully trained and experienced. All are government licensed guides and have up-to-date first aid and other emergency trainings, and every trekking group travels with a significant first aid kit. In an emergency, we will seek the most expedient method of evacuation for our clients (e.g. helicopter, carried by horses or porters, etc.) that takes into account all safety considerations and, where applicable, travel insurance requirements.  We have the 24 hour contact numbers for helicopter charter services covering the entire country.  If you have to be evacuated, we will also seek to help you find the best medical services available for your needs and recovery.