Cultural and Historical Tours

Nepal is eccentric paradise in context of high Himalayan glacier, religious & cultural heritages with jungle safari and wildlife view. In its northern part we can see only huge Himalayas. All over world Nepal is famous for Land of Himalaya. In top 10 lists of highest mountains of world, Nepal contributes of 8 mountains including Mt Everest (8848 m) world’s highest mountains. Many pilgrimages of Hindus & Buddhist can be found in Nepal which makes Nepal rich in religious sites. Pashupatinath temple, Swayambhunath, Lumbini, Manakamana, Bouddhanath etc are some of the temples. All of these have their own belief. Leaving these different types of tour can also be performed. Like mountain biking, rafting in fast flowing rivers, trekking & expeditions & many more adventurous activity.

In tourism market of south Asia, Nepal is first choice tourist for touristic destination. Nepal is small in size. Short tour can be performed. It touches main parts of Nepal. Natural, Cultural, historical & architectural places are the main attraction of tour done in Nepal. Every tourist can choose their own place for tour. Some of the famous tours done in Nepal are Chitwan package tour, Lumbini package tour, Nagarkot package tour, Pokhara package tour etc. besides this you can make combination of cities of Nepal yourself and create beautiful tour. Doing tour in Nepal will be gain full for everyone. It will be memorable in your whole life doing tour in Nepal.

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