Peak Climbing

Nepal is homed for more than 5000 giant peaks. . In them only very less peaks are choose for climb. And many are not even permitted. It is included in the name of adventurous activity. We have experience of walking in most technically & challenging route. Our main obstacles during our climb are difficult route, glaciers, Rocky Mountains, ice rigid. All the mountains are located at high altitude. It creates a bit challenging for climbing. But we will have experience of accelerating climbing for life time memorable gift. We can have pictures of climbing with us in camera.

In every region of Nepal there are suitable peaks for climbing. Many need a special permit provided by Nepal Government.  Island peak, Lobuche peak, Chulu east and west, Cho la peak, Pisang peak, Mera peak etc are some very famous peaks opened for climbing. First peak climbing was done by Tenzing Norgay Sherpa & Edmund Hilary in 1953 AD. Since then it is running till now. Keeping an aim of reaching on top we fulfill it. Peak climbing is quite risky. Without expert guides it is not completed. Walking on hard track we will be offered with dramatic all view of surrounding.

Peak climbing is done technically and they are very challenging. So experience is most important requirements. We should have training of using equipment like crampons & ice axe used for climbing any peak of Nepal. Without a good physical structure it’s impossible to climb peaks of Nepal. If you are planning to do climbing in any peak of Nepal, and you are having problem for finding better place. Without any hesitation just have a link with Shiva Excursion Pvt. Ltd. All the management of your document verification will be done by our team with your management of better accommodation.

Peak Climbing Package(s)