Wilderness Trekking Route

For those that want to walk the paths less traveled, we encourage you to consider one of our many wilderness treks.  These treks are not typically done along tea house routes, rather supported with tenting/camping and some homestays.  You will be in more remote and rural areas of Nepal and need expert guides intimately familiar with the lesser know trails and routes.

Shiva Excursion can be your partner to explore the lesser know areas such as those found in the Rupy Valley Trek, Manaslu Rypi Nala Trek, Ganesh Himal Trek, Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek, Manaslu Circuit and Larke Pass Trek, Kanchenjunga Trek, Upper Dolpo and Lower Dolpo Trek, Makalu Base Camp Trek, Arun Valley Trek, Tashilapcha Pass Trek, and Rolwaling Trek. We are also the leading agency to take you on newly designated routes as well as ones we have created for only our customers.   You will find a much more intimate, non-touristic experience during our wilderness treks.  We can help you find an appropriate wilderness trekking experience to fit your timing and desires at any time of the year.   Be sure to contact Shiva Excursion now for ideas on an ideal excursion to meet your needs.

Wilderness Trekking Route Package(s)