Why Everest region (Khumbu region) is still the first choice of travelers in Nepal?


Everest region is an incredible paradise of Nepal, which includes the highest peak in the world. It is a dream zone for travelers from different corners of the world. They travel this region with different forms of activities like mountaineering, trekking Nepal, and helicopter tours. Due to the countless features that have been described below, the Everest region is still the first choice of travelers in Nepal.

Geographical location
Everest region, which is also known as the Khumbu region is located in the remote part of Northeast Nepal. It is the land of Mt. Everest (8848m) and several 8000-meter peaks. The location is the international border region of Nepal and Tibet. We can say the Everest region is one of the extremely isolated regions in Nepal, but naturally, it is a wonderful paradise. So, the travelers do not want to miss trekking or mountaineering in this region. You will be walking in the yard of the highest peak of the world along with several other breathtaking white peaks. Reaching there is still a challenging issue due to the geographical location that astounds you to make a long and exciting journey.

Reputed History
Everest region is basically reputed because of Mt. Everest. In history, before trekking was introduced, climbers from different countries attempted to summit Mt. Everest. In 1954, George Mallory and Andrew Irvine tried to the summit. They could not summit. Mallory’s body is still not found. After 10 more unsuccessful attempts, Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and Edmund Hillary reached the top of the world. That epic journey became renowned worldwide and thousands of tourists want to follow their track in the aftermath of that climbing. This story motivates travelers to go to the Everest region once in their lifetime.

Sagarmatha National Park: Flora and Fauna
Sagarmatha National Park is the highest located national park in the world. It is home to different and rare flora and fauna. The birch, rhododendron, juniper, and another type of forests are found there. Moss on Mt. Everest is regarded as the highest altitude plant species. Arenaria grows below 5500 meters. In fauna species, Himalayan Thar, the snow leopard, Himalayan black bear, red panda, pika, and other wild animals are found. Yak is a commonly found domestic animal, which is also a means of transportation in the alpine section. In the bird species, bar-headed goose, chough, Danphe (national bird), and other species are found.

Sherpa culture, traditions, and hospitality
The Khumbu region is populated by the Sherpa people. They are the renowned Himalayan leaders in the world. They are following the mountaineering and trekking profession. Sherpas are friendly, hospitable, and work dedicated people. They are spiritual too. They are Buddhist devotees. Their culture and traditions are remarkable that are worth exploring. They wear long-sleeved robes called kitycow, Chhuba is tied at the waist, Kanam, and Tetung (an outer). Women wear tongkok and colorful aprons. They celebrate festivals like Mani Rimdu. It is the most popular festival in their communities. Many trekkers match the date to observe their festivals.

Numerous tourist destinations
There are several trekking destinations in the Khumbu region. Also, many peaks to climb along with multiple 8000-meter peaks are there. Everest base camp, Gokyo valley, Everest high passes, Tengbuche, PK peak, and others are the popular trekking destinations. No need to talk about peak climbers.

Everest in media
The adventure lovers around the world are restless to hear about Everest. So, the media coverage is also high. Any newspapers, TV channels, and online portals update the news of the Everest region, about climbing seasons, weather, summit, and even the accidents. The wonderful notes of the travelers and documentaries motivate them to visit this region. Good media coverage helps people to know about it more clearly.

Thus, the Everest region has got its dominance among the visitors of Nepal. It has been the first priority. Everest is for all type of trekkers and climbers. The Khumbu is waiting for you. Explore it for a lifetime experience.

Note: the devastating earthquake of April 2015 caused damages to the infrastructures and on the trail. So, it remained closed for a long time and now it’s open. Also, the infrastructures have been rebuilt. This season, many groups of climbers reached the top of Everest and trekked to various destinations. If somebody is worrying about safety, then you should not be worried.